My name is Steven and I grew up in the Seattle area. At a young age my dad instilled in me to love your home sports teams. So from when I was little, we would watch every Husky and Seahawks games together. From early on, I knew I wanted to do something having to do with sports. Whether playing, announcing, debating, or writing about them. I always have a lot on my mind with what the local teams are doing and I want to share what I think with people. I’m a big fan of all sports, so on this blog I will be covering everything. But the main focus starting out will be the NFL, with special attention for the Seahawks. Eventually I’ll expand out to all the other sports. These ideas will be mine and I hope for feedback and comments (both positive and negative). At times I can be pretty raw with what I think but I will always be honest with how I feel. If I think somebody is playing bad, I won’t hold back. I’m hoping we will eventually have a nice group of people routinely checking in and commenting and debating sports. Let’s do this!!!